Monday, December 9, 2013

Liposuction experience with Dr Arthur

Being overweight since young, it has become my dream to have a perfect figure. This thought is not strong enough until I reached the age of 16. The time whereby I can no longer tolerate to the hurtful comments left by the opposite sex. I resorted to slimming pills and dieting.

Yes, I slimmed down successfully but not to the figure I wished for. No matter how much one can slim down, you may not be able to achieve the sculpted figure. After the long enough hesitation and given that I am no longer young anymore (30 yrs old now), I brushed up my courage to go for my first liposuction.

There are a lot of websites on liposuction. Too many to the extent of confusion. There is no right or wrong. I have myself to judge which one is true, and with the tight budget, I had too much to consider. I came to know about Dr. Arthur from one forum and realized that he used to practice in Singapore. I consulted his patients and they had assured me that I will be in the good hands of Dr. Arthur. Upon hearing this, I scrimped and saved and off I fly to Medan in pursue for a better figure. Just like what my friends told me, I am not fat. I must admit this. However, I have demands for myself. I just want to have a better sculpted figure. I believe a lot of girls and ladies out there have this mindset too.
I was kind of panicky when I reached Polonia airport as it is not as what I expected. Well, this is Indonesia, not Singapore, so what can you expect. I am glad that the chauffeur is there waiting for me. The journey to the clinic takes about 15mins. I was told to fill up the application form before the helpers bring me up to the room. Well, I opted for a room with bathroom attached since it is just an additional 10 bucks for convenience sake.

Ok, let's get straight to the point. I came for calves liposuction in the first place. But after consultation with Dr. Arthur, I made up my mind for arms the next day. My thoughts...,"Since I have travelled here and had taken long leave, why not do more areas? Right??? Kiasu abit...hahaha"
As the surgery is under local anesthesia, fasting is not required. One thing to take note....if you are some sort of an alcoholic, please be prepared that you may not be in drowsy state as what you expect to be. I was awake throughout the whole procedure. Well, no pain, no gain. Do not expect that you can be beautiful overnight without any pain. Let's be honest about this. I do not want to write fanciful things in my blog and lead others to the wrong direction.
One thing is for sure. I super love my arms now. I do not have to flex my arms at all. I have a toned and sculpted arms like never before. As for my calves, blame myself for having such huge muscles. No choice. At least my calves are not 'chubby' but considered defined now. Too bad I did not take any photo of my calves. Take a look at my photos (arms) and you can judge yourself.



It is obvious, isn't it? Look at my arms after toning up. Well, I do have alot to catch up. But after lipo, it makes it easier for me to achieve the toned arms I want.

For those who are unsure, please feel free to drop an email to Ms. Jennifer Cotto, the Client Services Coordinator of Elixir de Vie, or
Do browse through their website at for more information.

I will carry on my next blog on tummy liposuction with Dr. Arthur.
Do check it out soon.